Saturday, August 19, 2017

E. L. Moore dug Thatcher's Inlet

[The April '72 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman contained part 3 of Dave Frary and Bob Hayden's groundbreaking Thatcher's Inlet series.]

You're doing a good job continually upgrading RMC . . . particularly liked Thatcher's Inlet in recent issues.
From a letter dated May 2, 1972 E. L. Moore wrote to RMC Managing Editor, Tony Koester.

Dave Frary and Bob Hayden's series on how they built their Thatcher's Inlet layout appeared in the February, March, April and May 1972 issues of Railroad Model Craftsman. It's one of the greatest series published in the model railroading press and is well worth anyone's time to read. And yes, E. L. Moore makes a very oblique appearance :-) In part 4 it's mentioned that AHM's Ramsey Journal Building was used as the basis of the kitbashed Ship's Chandlery. The Ramsey Journal Building was AHM's kit version of E. L. Moore's project of the same name that appeared in the December 1967 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.
[Full page spread of Thatcher's Inlet Railroad that was included in the first instalment in the February '72 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman]

This is the third post in what is turning out to be a short series on articles E. L. Moore liked: the first was Train Wreck & Golden Quill Mining and the second was E. L. Moore's January 1970. I don't think there are any more mentions of likes or dislikes in his writings, but if there are, you'll be sure to see them here :-)

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