Sunday, June 25, 2017

Recently updated

I've been re-reading all the E. L. Moore material as preparation for writing a Wikipedia article on him. You may remember in the September '75 issue of Model Railroader, there was an interview with E. L. Moore by Gordon Odegard in the Bull session column. Looking back on it, I'd say there are some inaccuracies given what we know today, and some intriguing things Mr. Odegard mentioned that I've overlooked. 

In the overlooked category: E. L. Moore sold furniture for awhile; he was a member of the VFW and once held the position of honorary chaplain; his preferred type of non-fiction, and the only non-fiction he read now and then, was detective fiction; the Clarabelle Hotel was his favourite model; his very first layout - predating the Elizabeth Valley RR - was a 4x6 Lionel O27 setup that was suspended from the kitchen ceiling of one of his earlier apartments (!).

In the inaccuracies category: I don't think the Eagleroost & Koontree RR was part of the Elizabeth Valley RR, but the EVRR was often used as a stage to construct EKRR scenes for photographing; E. L. Moore's photo studio likely burned down sometime between the mid to late '50s, but likely no later than '61, the article suggested it burnt in '68; I'd say the high point in E. L. Moore's career was the period from the closure of Model Trains to 1971 when his first article appeared in Railroad Modeller, not the Model Trains period as stated in the article. 

All this is a very long way of saying I've updated E. L. Moore's Layouts & Dioramas :-)

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