Tuesday, June 13, 2017

DP's Moore & Moore Lines

During my pre-retirement I had the opportunity to exchange emails with Darrell Poole who kindly sent me some photos of his HO-scale Moore & Moore Lines that's under construction in his basement. As you can see, it's shaping up to be a fantastic layout based on E. L. Moore's Elizabeth Valley Railroad.
It's 4.5' x 7' in size and, with a few minor exceptions, is almost entirely built from plywood for the great dimensional stability plywood offers. It's composed of three sections that can be easily taken apart if the day comes that it needs to be removed from the basement. A very smart design. Scenery will be Styrofoam and designed to break apart along the lines of the sections.
That loco is a brass model of a Wabash F-4 Mogul. It's an IMP import built by Takara in 1960. Overall, the layout is shaping up to be a great project, and I hope I can see more as it develops.


  1. Cool! He even took the photos in b/w! haha

    1. It is a cool layout. I think the black-and-white photos give it some extra drama and enhance its look at this stage. Also, it helps to de-emphasize the background.