Monday, May 2, 2016

Bowling with Trams

I'm not making this up......


  1. Fascinating! Shades of Streetcar Noir, I wonder if Leslie Warden is hiding in the background there somewhere???

    1. Maybe. I wrote a couple instalments for a new series earlier last year, but didn't post them - I need to dig them up and she what she's doing........ :-)

    2. Count me in, I thoroughly enjoyed the previous episodes :)

    3. Talk about strange coincidences :-) Late last night I got a call from the elusive Ms. Warden. My wife generally takes a dim view of me taking calls from women in the middle of the night, but given my special relationship as her personal chronicler, allowances were made. Leslie instructed me to get up, go down to the streetcar barns at the end of Gladstone and pick up an envelope from a guy named Nick. Long-story-short, a 2-inch thick, 8 1/2 x 11 envelope stuffed with papers is sitting on my desk. I typed up the first few pages about a bit of time traveling by her side-kick Ed Bryce that’ll get posted soon. Who knows what else is in that envelope :-)