Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday at car stop #3

Stop #3 is on Sinatra at the intersection with Ocean. From here you can walk to most anywhere on the strip. Right over there, across the track, are a bunch of odd places that I think of as The Block of Unfulfilled Potential.

Everything over there is either unfinished or has no signage or lights or tenants. You see that ’60-ish building over on the right? It’s an acupuncture clinic, but you’d never know by looking at it. A few years back it was restored after an infamous moxibustion-fireworks incident. It was in all the papers. Today, it’s back to normal, but no signage or lights; you just have to know it’s there.
Over on the left is Stella’s Starlight Yoga Studio and Used Record Shop. After an extensive reno to add modern upper levels and refit the ground floor for the record shop, the business never opened. I think they ran out of money, but I’ve never seen a for lease sign on the place. That tall red thing beside it is the new post office building. They made it look like a giant mailbox so people know what it is. Not a bad idea. But, like everything else on this block, it’s not finished.
The main thing here is a sidewalk that leads to Scarboro Square Station and The Bookery. But, even that is still waiting for lights, so nobody uses it at night.


  1. I'm enjoying these vox pop accounts, seeing our model worlds from an unexpected angle. Sinatra and ocean sure has some interesting structures...maybe things will pick up and the authorities will finish the buildings off...although they all look fine as they are!

    1. Thanks Iain! The building contractor needs to get his act together, clear out the cobwebs and get back to work :-)