Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday at stop #4

Dead centre at Feynman Beach is car stop #4
The streetcar is the easiest way to get here. It drops you off and picks you up right at the beach, and comes by every half hour like a Swiss watch. But today I’m being the hypocrite: I drove down.
Thursday morning there’s usually some free parking spots nearby, and I had some errands to run later, so I took my van. 
That’s my Dodge in the middle slot. The lot is on Mels Way off Sinatra. Sinatra’s one-way - his way you might say - so if you don’t approach from the right direction, this little lot is tough to get into.
If you insist on driving, there’s a handful of spots on Strayhorn Lane, but the road is narrow and it’s tough to get in and out. On the weekends, forget it. And don’t park at Mels if you’re not going into Mels. They’ll tow your car away. Listen to this hypocrite and take the streetcar.
Not too many people here at this time, but that beachcomber's here everyday. He must have combed this beach clean. I have no idea what he’s looking for. Loose change maybe?
Way down the other end is a great barbecue. Fantastic location. 
Right on the beach and stop #4 is nearby. 
There’s a walkway out front that goes up to Ocean Boulevard, and there’s a few factories on the other side that provide a regular crowd. At lunch time, there'll be a mix of people from all walks of life: surfers, nerdy book buyers from the WBB and The Bookery, workers from Cal’s and Bunn’s and Vicki’s, school-skippers from the beach, the occasional physicist, tourists from Ma's guest houses, swimmers and their parents from the pool, not to mention people like me who just love some good brisket. 
Cal’s is running around the clock these days, so there’s even some barbecue to be had after hours. I suggest a burger and the sweet potato fries.

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