Sunday, January 17, 2016

HOJPOJ Reno: Getting back in the groove

In December I set aside work on the HOJPOJ restoration and focused on getting my layout running for the Christmas holidays. I'm returning to modelling projects now that the holidays are well over. To ease back in I added a layer of Scenic Express Summer Lawn Flock & Turf to the base. When completed, some yellow flocking was lightly sprinkled on top to suggest dandelions. 
Moving back to the building, I started to sort out the smokestack guy-wire situation. A couple were shredded and torn and had to be replaced with new black thread. I spent a lot of time staring at the article and the model trying to figure out where all the threads go. And I noted that on the model were dried glue spots indicating where threads were once attached - a couple of which didn't match the article's photos. In the end I settled on what I think is an acceptable approximation given that the article isn't clear where a subset of threads attach. The threads left dangling are to be glued to the base.

Well, that wraps up repairs to the building. What's left are making the outbuildings and installing everything on the diorama.

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