Monday, March 30, 2015

Streetcars along St. Clair Ave. W.

We were in Toronto over the weekend. For a few minutes on Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to be a streetcar nerd and take a few pictures of some members of the TTC fleet running along St. Clair Ave. W., around the 700 block.
It was unusually cold at -5C, with a 30 kph wind blowing, and that's why everybody at the Christie stop is bundled up in their winter coats. The shelters, overhead wire, dedicated lanes for the streetcars, along with the other infrastructure is fairly modern on this section of the TTC system.
This view from the middle of a crosswalk gives a good view of the overhead. While the streetcar was on its way I took some pictures of a couple of nearby buildings.
This is the apartment at 680 St. Clair Ave. W. Not everything has been razed in this part of town to make way for condos. 
However, many buildings have been gentrified. To me that's better than letting them fall to rack-and-ruin. I like the windows on this Starbucks and I'm glad to see the building being used.
Here's the streetcar at the light. I moved out of the way to the island. 
Last photo of the afternoon on our way to a non-streetcar part of the city.

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