Monday, January 19, 2015

Sinatra at 100

[Frank Sinatra at the Monaco train station in 1958. The picture was sourced from the Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in Las Vegas' website]
12 December 2015 will mark Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. It goes without saying that he was a legendary singer, but, maybe not quite as well known, he was also a big time train enthusiast and model railroader. I wasn’t much of a Sinatra fan in the past, but on a trip to Los Angeles I stumbled across the radio show Sundays with Sinatra on KJazz 88.1. I don’t recall the songs that were playing, but I guess I was in just the right frame of mind because they spoke to me. I was hooked. With a harsh January gripping the city, I’ve been listening to his 1958 album Come Fly with Me for some escape. Here’s the title song done up in classic Sinatra style.

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