Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Installed the ground layer to the Elizabeth Valley Railroad

I bought two, 1 x 3 foot pieces of cork to build the layout's ground layer. That photo up there shows the layout panel hanging on the wall after I installed a 30 lb. picture wire to the back.
I taped up a large piece of tracing paper from smaller pieces and then traced out the lake and its feeder stream from the full-size plan.
The lake and stream were then cutout and the outline was traced onto the cork. Once traced, the cork was cut out, and then glued to the panel with some carpenter's glue. It turns out the cork pieces weren't actually 1 x 3, but a little short on the 1 side, so I glued on a small strip of cork to make sure the panel was completely corked - so to speak :-) The cork is about 1/4 inch thick, so the water level will appear a little below the reference grade. Here's what the Grizzly Flats station looks like on the plan. Appears some adjustments to spacing are in order.

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