Monday, August 4, 2014

LA sublime

First, a disclaimer: there are no streetcars, trams or trollies in this video, although if I knew more about the routes of the Pacific Electric, there probably were at one time if the writings of Raymond Chandler are to be believed. However, there are magnificent buildings a plenty. As well, the use of a drone to film this allowed it to be shot from what might be considered to be the typical model railroading viewing perspective.


  1. What a wonderful film, thanks for posting this JD. So much eye-opening architecture and street art...and yes, much of it looks like a model city from the viewpoint. I was fascinated by the momentary clip of what looked like a ship superstructure, too, rendered architecturally. It's still possible to imagine a red seventies Ford Gran Torino rushing through some of the meaner looking streets... :-)

    1. I'm not an LA expert, but I think that building is the Coca-Cola building ( ), and indeed, a Gran Torino would be most enjoyable :-)