Tuesday, August 5, 2014

E. L. Moore builds a blimp...

... or maybe just a fanciful steerable balloon. The more I read, the more I discover. This is a slice from a photo that appeared in the Stop, look and listen section of the December 1959 issue of Model Trains - which I recently obtained. It's another view into the world shown in with the Spumoni family in Merrie Old England that appeared in the January 1956 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. Being a blimp aficionado I was thrilled to see this photo. Ok, I'm stretching the definition of blimp, but it does have a propeller and a rudder, so it's propulsible and steerable, so it sort of meets the minimum definition of a blimp. The accompanying text says that Mr. Moore was inspired by the work of artist Rowland Emett, and that Mr. Moore built the 'blimp' envelope from a "worn-out egg".

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