Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kato Unitram and Omnivagancy

I bought a couple more pieces of circular Kato Unitram track to fiddle with. I was thinking that even though the variety of streetcar trackplans that can be constructed with it appears limited, it does seem a rather easy way to build some sort of omnivagant streetcar layout. Given that I'd also like to try making some larger buildings, this comment about scales by Linn Westcott that appeared in his December '72 Model Railroader At the throttle column entitled, The Hobby with a Heart: Scale Model Railroading, seemed very insightful to this situation.

Don't adopt a scale. Traditionally modelers classed themselves as "N scalers", "O gaugers", "Trolleymen", and so on. This caused more friction than it did good. Instead, choose scales for your models that solve whatever problems you have with them - but remain full-sized yourself.

It's an interesting column and I have Vince to thank for pointing it out to me, and Debra to thank for providing me the DVDs so I can peruse all this interesting stuff at my leisure. 

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