Friday, June 27, 2014

“Where’s the ribs?”

Debra, the CEO of the 30 Squares media empire, was reminding me recently that since the cheddar, jalapeno corn-bread muffins post back in January has been one of the most popular posts of the year, shouldn’t I post a picture of the equally delectable ribs since the Canada Day holiday was coming up. She’s right, and there it is. These are indeed the best ribs to be found on planet Earth, but we have them only once, maybe twice, a year. The recipe is storied and steeped in secrecy, but I can say this: it’s the cardamom that makes them pop. Yeap, cardamom: the accidental ingredient. One day, maybe a decade ago, maybe closer to two, the yet-to-be CEO accidently gabbed the wrong ‘c’ ingredient from the shelf. It was supposed to be coriander, but cardamom was in its place. By the time we realized what had happened, it was too late. We expected the worst, but were pleasantly surprised by the excellent flavor that resulted. History was made. Coriander was forever banished from the recipe.

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