Monday, June 16, 2014

Amtrak to New York City

A couple of weeks ago I went to New York City via Amtrak from Albany. That’s the train at Albany station waiting for us to board. The trip was on time, and the staff were friendly and efficient. Overall, quite a pleasant experience, and I’d certainly do it again.
New York: buildings, buildings and more buildings. An urban model builder’s paradise. On this trip I happened to be near the retro-70s-futuristic Solow Building - shown in the photo above - located at 9 West 57th Street. I had never seen it up close before. Amazing. Some rough calculations suggest an N scale model would stand around 1.8 m tall. In HO? I’d need to buy a new, and much taller, house! Clearly, some selective compression would be in order to build something suitable for a model railroad.
New York City’s Penn Station. Busy doesn’t begin to describe it, but again, it seems efficient. We didn’t experience problems or delays. One odd railroad related thing I saw underground as our train approached the platform was a rustic, old flat car parked on a siding whose markings clearly said ‘Rio Grande’. We zoomed past before I was able to snap a picture. It seemed like an out of place time traveller.

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