Saturday, April 27, 2013

Missing construction photos found + a start on the roof

I had shot a few photos of the WSMoftheWBB's shell pieces just before and after gluing them together, but they went missing, and I thought I had accidentally deleted them from my camera without downloading. Lucky for me I had just misfiled them, and found them while searching for some other pictures. The top photo are the walls just before gluing up the box - they're pretty basic.
And here is the shell after sitting for a day or two after gluing.
I used a builder's square to line-up the walls while gluing.
And jumping forward to today, I'm working on the roof now that I've rounded up the parts I'll need for it and its lights. The roof is glued up from 2 pieces of 0.060 inch styrene. Along the top edge of the box I've glued in some styrene Z-channel along the perimeter, and the roof sets in it. As you can see, the front wall has a bit of a bow in it that I'll need to take out with a tension piece connected to the back wall.

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