Thursday, May 10, 2012

Texturing the rural industrial area

I’ve been spending time adding some basic ground texturing to the rural industrial area. As I’ve mentioned before, I just want a simple, flat area that can be easily reconfigured as I add or remove different buildings in order to change the scene as the mood strikes.

The procedure for applying the base texturing was quite easy. I brushed on a thin coat of white glue over a 6 inch x 6 inch square area and sprinkled on some of the sand mixture I used on the beach - to get colour continuity across the layout – along with green Woodland Scenics finely ground foam. After allowing it to dry for a day, I brushed up as much of the unbonded material as I could for later reuse, and finished by vacuuming up the remaining loose material with a Shop-Vac. This left a flat region with a fine Earth-like texture. I repeated filling in 6x6 squares until I had the entire rural industrial area textured. Elapsed time was about a week, but each working session was only 30 or 45 minutes so I could do some texturing whenever I had some free time.

Once the whole area had an initial covering, it turned out that there were a few bare spots here and there, so I selectively applied a second coat of texturing to areas that needed it. However, the second pass had a bit more green texturing than sand in order to start to bring out the vegetation.

Next step will be greening up the ground a bit more and ballasting the track.

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