Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moe Lass': Clerestory & roof

The clerestory and roof were rather satisfying pieces to build. The dimensions of these items are as specified in Mr. Moore’s article; however, I made some substitutions of materials. I didn’t have any thin balsa around for the clerestory framing, so I substituted with some 0.012 inch styrene. Same for the roof panels; I didn’t have enough scrap balsa on hand, so I used styrene instead. Also, since the roof can be removed, the styrene holds up a bit better to handling.

Mr. Moore modeled a tar paper surface on the roofs. For the era he set the building in, that was fine. I substituted in corrugated metal roofing. I figure that the roof of such a building would have been replaced a few times in its lifetime in order to survive into the 21th century, and if it were my building, I would have used a metal roofing material. Not to mention I had lots of leftover Campbell corrugated metal from the Buschell’s Barrel & Marble Works build that I wanted to use up The metal panels were attached to the styrene substructure with super-glue.

Building these pieces isn’t complicated, but there are a number of rather simple and repetitive tasks involved. Strangely enough, I found them rather mentally relaxing to undertake. Maybe they should be promoted as a meditation technique

[All ready for painting and weathering.]

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