Thursday, April 7, 2011

N-scale layout-in-a-box

I built this little N-scale layout-in-a-box back in 1978. It got stashed away around 1980, and has been in storage in various places until Christmas 2008. Around that time there were a number of clinic clients interested in model trains, so we thought it would make a nice conversation piece over the holidays. I had to do some refurbishment since it had gotten bounced around a bit during the intervening years.

The layout box measures 31 by 25 inches and has a matching lid that is connected with detachable hinges that allow the lid to be removed when the layout is in use. I made the box from 1x4 pine and ¼ inch plywood. It folds up like a briefcase for transport and storage, and has a handle for carrying it around.

This isn’t an original idea. I remember seeing a picture of a Z-scale layout built in a wooden artist’s box in an issue of MR at that time, and thought I’d like to do something similar in N-scale.

If I get the layout out this Christmas season I’ll need to buy a new locomotive, since my one-and-only ancient one finally seized up during the 2008 holidays. No big deal since it was a rather cheap one and I’m surprised it lasted that long.

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