Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr. Scott’s: Finishing

Mr. Scott’s has been staring at me with a nasty look to get it finished. I had set it aside on the workbench while I worked away on completing the Barrel & Marble Works So, I finally took its not so subtle hints and finished it. Well, more accurately, I got it to a near completely finished state – one with window glass and view blockers. I’m still contemplating what final details are to be added.

Installing the plastic glass for windows was just a matter of cutting down the kit-supplied window stock and gluing it in place with thick superglue. Please be careful if you use superglue since it’s easy to get it on the clear surfaces given the tight inside clearances of this building. I used some spray accelerator to set it up once I had dabbed it in the places I wanted. Also, the bottom of the building needs to be propped up to let the glue fumes escape otherwise they will craze the inside surfaces of the windows. I left the bottom ventilated over night just to be sure.

I think I mentioned in some other posts that I plan on revisiting in a few months some of the buildings I’ve worked on over the past couple of years in order to add a little detail and tweek them a bit now that I’ve had a chance to look at them awhile. I think Mr. Scott’s will be in that group. Some roof details and maybe some external tanks and loading equipment might be added. I need to think about that a bit. But, for now, Mr. Scott’s is done.

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