Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barrel & Marble Works: Finished basic construction

After paneling the roofs, all that needed to be done was to add the small tower to the Marble Works, and the delivery chute to the Barrel factory. Well, I assume it’s some sort of grain or seed delivery chute that was used when it was still a mill, but now, it’s just an unused structure. As for the tower on the Marble Works, I have no idea what that used to do. I notice that it’s got pipes protruding from it that seem to have leaked something over the years.

The delivery chute and tower are made from 0.012 inch styrene sub-structures paneled with the same Campbell metal siding used on the walls and roofs. Dimensions are completely freelanced. The delivery chute also has some balsa braces added as per the prototype.

Once these were positioned and attached to the main building complex with thick superglue, adding flashing was begun. This was a rather finicky job. Strips of 8 to 12 inch wide metal strips were cut, bent lengthwise into right-angles, and then cut to fit the various locations that needed flashing: basically, wherever metal covered planes touched each other. Again, superglue was used for bonding things into place.

I added another post to support the porch roof on the Marble Works because the span looked too long. The porch roof span on the Barrel factory also looks too long for just one corner post to support. However, the prototype photos seem to indicate that there are cables attached to its porch roof that are anchored way up on the front wall of the main building. I’ll need to figure out a way to add those to the model.

That’s it for basic assembly. I can now see the homestretch for this project! I’m moving on to painting and adding some final details.

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