Monday, February 28, 2011

Barrel & Marble Works: Roofs installed

Title tells all I guess. I spent sometime cutting the substructures for the roofs and paneling them.

The roof pieces are cut from 0.040 inch sheet styrene. They are sized so that the overhang at the eves is about 1 scale foot.
Campbell Scale corrugated metal stock was also used to panel the roof. In this case though, I made use of the full 12 foot length of the stock and didn't cut the pieces down to 8 feet as I did with the wall siding - the width though is still 4 feet. It does seem weird: cutting up the stock into 4 foot pieces and them gluing them all down again on the substructure. The difference is that the individual pieces, when glued side-by-side, form slight ridges that help give the illusion of individual sheets - which should be enhanced when painted.

All the panels are glued down with thick super-glue. I'm moving on to adding the defunct mill substructures to the roofs.

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