Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Forget the layout ...

... build large scale EL Moore structures set in a vignette recalling EL's younger days!" comment from a well known Agent Provocateur.

I was going through some photos and came across this neurotic list I made a few years back to offload some thoughts on projects I’d like to build. Looking back I see I’ve only built: the Branchline Station, the Mt. Lowe Observatory, the Frankenberger Building, and the Mexican Restaurant (which turned into Gecko Records during construction). That leaves about 23 to go + a raft of other projects I’ve been thinking about but had the good sense not to add to the list :-) Maybe focusing on buildings, and retail buildings in particular, is the new model building frontier if this Bloomberg article is to be believed. It speculates that retail stores are following a similar track the railroad business took throughout the 20th century and we’ll see less and less of their ilk as the 21st century grinds on. Simpsons? Eatons? Woolco? Zellars? Aikenheads? Eddie Blacks? Sam the Record Man? Weall & Cullen? Mr. Donut? Red Barn? Beaver Lumber? Honest Eds? Dominion? Stienbergs? Kresges? Jupiter? Consumers Distributing? And on and on. If you’re a Torontian of a certain age you'll know the locations and you know the list of the departed is long. Who knows who’s next? 

Well, there's thing - an 'extreme' model railroad for the Contemporary Architecture Museum in North Adams, Ma which includes an equally extreme set of model buildings. Since staritects and big money are involved, who knows what will happen.

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