Saturday, November 4, 2017

Top Shelf of E. L. Moore's Workbench

I was loaned the E. L. Moore portrait photos so I could scan them at high resolution. Up there is a slice of a higher rez scan of the E. L. Moore portrait used in the second draft of the wiki biographyThe photo has March 1971 penciled on the back, which I'll assume is when the photo was shot, so that makes him 73 at the time.

There's a row of models stashed away on the top shelf. Here's what I think they are,

A. Three Store Fronts and a Shop

B. The Yard Office from the shortline terminal yard.The appearance of this component of that diorama may suggest that the yard had been disposed of by March '71.

C. The Blockhouse from his unpublished article, Shades of Buffalo Bill.

D. Sort of looks like one of his blacksmiths, but the opening seems too large and the cupola is missing. Please post a comment if you recognize it.

E. Moore's Modern Mill that appeared in the June '72 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.

F. The title project from his unpublished manuscript, Build a 1900's Foundry.


  1. Re: Blacksmith shop question: It was not unusual for ELM to build more than one of his designs, so maybe discrepancies are just variations he tried?

    1. Yes, he was known to make multiples of some of his models. He might have built a few of those blacksmiths.