Friday, December 30, 2016

Index to E. L. Moore's lost articles

There are two groups of 'lost' E. L. Moore articles: those that were bought by Model Railroader and mentioned in their 1980 E. L. Moore tribute article but were never published, and those that were found amongst E. L. Moore's papers and photos whose existence was unknown.

As previously noted, Model Railroader graciously granted permission to post their six unpublished articles. These are them.

Village School

Build a 1900's Foundry

A Pair of Canal Boats

The Little Church on the Hill

An unloading and loading machine (aka Morton Salt Conveyor)

The Model Railroader articles were all in good condition and were complete with text, photos and drawings. The unpublished manuscripts found in E. L. Moore's files were in various states. All had complete text, but no plans or drawings were found, and some had no photos, or an incomplete set. Here is what has been found so far.

The North Conway Depot

Alaska Railroad Cement Mixing Car

Combination House Plan

Spumoni Club Coach

Shades of Buffalo Bill

[Last updated on 20 February 2017]

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