Friday, September 5, 2014

One convenience store down....

... and one to go.
The front steps are built up from pieces of 0.060 inch styrene sheet. Also, I added long strips of 0.010 inch styrene underneath the white brick strips to build out the front facade a little. These things were painted with a loose wash of gray, white, concrete, and a little black paint.
I didn't do any detailing on the back. Just added some doors. I might add some details later once I've decided on a place on the layout for it.
The roof is a piece of stucco textured styrene sheet painted with loose washes - mainly black. I just wanted something that suggested a roof, not anything highly detailed.
The roof isn't glued in place. It sits on a perimeter ledge and can be easily lifted out. I'm going to add some lights and photos to simulate interior detail. On this project I concentrated on the facade to try and learn more about making a '50s or '60s store front.

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