Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amtronic Ranch is #1

The HO-scale  logging airships post was the second most hit of the original 400; number one was Amtronic Ranch with 588 hits. It was a build of an HO-scale ‘retro-futuristic’ ranch house based on AMT’s AMTronic kit. Blog stats suggest that nearly every week a few viewers drop by to look at the post as a result of searching on some phrase that includes ‘amtronic’ – I suspect the post isn’t what they are looking for. I’d guess they are actually looking for something along the lines of how to build the kit according to its instructions. I made a start on a box-stock build around this time last year, but I set it aside as I was frustrated with its poor mold quality. It seemed that nearly every piece required some sort of special fitting and filing and shaping – too much for me. It’s on the workbench gathering dust. I might resume when I have a bit more patience.

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