Sunday, February 24, 2013

Night escape

After the sun had set, and the late show had run its closing credits, and all the good citizens had brought in their dogs and let out their cats, and all the bad citizens had hidden from the accusatory moonlight, Leslie left her cabin through the basement window and made her way to the beach. She was carrying her backpack and had a plan to spend the rest of the night, and all of the next day, tucked away in a hidden coastal cave. She wasn’t sure if she’d wait out there until she was supposed to see Ryan again or just run for it like all the other times.

She couldn’t be sure if David had been followed when he came out to her cabin. Someone might be watching her; lurking in the woods waiting for the right moment. She took a risk leaving; she took a risk staying put. By sneaking away in the dark, maybe she could lose anybody who might be out there and dozing at this late hour. Maybe paranoia was getting the better of her, but even fugitives from the law like her have enemies. Especially fugitives from the law like her.

It was only 3 kilometres to the cave as the crow flies, but she travelled 5 since she couldn’t take the most direct route and still keep a low profile. And taking the InterTrack was definitely out. It took her a couple hours to get there, but it was, thankfully, still dark when she arrived. She’d slogged her way through the backcountry, and immediately fell asleep once she was cached away.

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