Sunday, February 3, 2013

New signs for Moe’s

Over the Christmas holiday, as well as being able to do lots of train running, I also had the opportunity to look closely at my building inventory. It was clear that many would benefit from some further detailing, and others were in need of a little repair. That work seemed like a good job to undertake in the dead of winter, and since I’ve had to order some materials for the World’s Biggest Bookstore project that build is slowing down a little. I figured in the meantime I’d do a little building renovation. 

Last summer I bought this CD called Barbecue Any Old Time. While re-organizing the CDs recently, it struck me that its logo would make a good sign for Moe’ Barbecue. So, I scanned the box, printed, and cut-and-pasted some paper signs onto some backing material – plastic for the over the door signs and wood for the main roof sign. Voila, some nice signs for Moe’s.

 Those little signs are mounted on thin styrene and are for the end-walls. The main sign was bonded to some thin basswood.
I also noticed the roof section below the clerestory was badly warped. This likely happened because it is a laminate of two relatively thick styrene sheets, two different types of glue, and metal roofing. Temperature and humidity changes, combined with dissimilar material properties, have not been kind to it. When I had a similar problem with the McGregor Park Library roof, I replaced it with a single piece of textured material; however, on this one I just added some trim to the roof edges so one could no longer see how the roof didn’t attach to the walls properly. The curvature in the roof itself seems ok given the type of building this model is meant to represent. 
 Here I've added some facia cut from 0.012 inch styrene to hide the gap between the walls and the roof.
 I freelanced a support structure from styrene pieces for the main sign.
 Here it is with the signs installed. Now I need to work on the lighting.

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