Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rambling back into the New Year

It's hard to believe 2012 is over, but here it is, 2013. Today the train board goes back to the basement. While it was in the living room a lot of streetcars and trains were run. Over the entire month of December the fleet probably saw more operation than at any other time since it was assembled. I certainly learned a lot in amongst the fun and frivolity, and hopefully I'll post about it this month.
I also got an appreciation for layout lighting, or the lack thereof in my case. It was glaringly apparent that I need interior lighting in the buildings, signs, and any other key lighting to tell the layout's story. What little there was, both in the scenery and the rolling stock, was striking in the right conditions. I hope to learn more about LEDs and lights and such things in this new year.
 And the buildings need some details to help bring them to life. 

 Darkness settles on the city
 "Dudes, check out this bad boy!"
SUV: Streetcar Utility Vehicle

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