Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bob and Emily’s couch

I’ve been thinking about building a model of the Chicago office tower where Bob Hartley, played by Bob Newhart, had his fictional office in The Bob Newhart Show television series. From what I can tell, the building has undergone an extensive facelift since the ‘70s when the series was shot, so digging up information is a bit of a challenge. While wandering down a dead end on one archeological expedition, I had a look at some pictures of furniture Bob and Emily had in their apartment, and thought it might be interesting to try and use their couch as a prototype for a couch building project for the Oceanview Hotel. I needed 6 – one for each floor – but after I had built 1, I had had enough of what turned out to be a rather finicky construction task. So, I have 1 ‘Bob and Emily Hartley’ couch on the 5th floor of the Oceanview Hotel and need 5 more couches so guests don’t have to sit on the floor :-)

Here are a few pictures from the project,
[Here's the original. As you can see from my heavily 'weathered' version in the top photo, mine should probably be put out by the curb on trash day.]
[I started with some drawings to figure out how it would look. I used our own family room couch for some basic dimensions.]
[Here's the pieces for the frame. They're cut from 0.020 inch styrene]
 [Here they are glued up and ready for 'cushions'.]
 [And speaking of seat cushions, here they are! It doesn't look too comfortable.]
[But, when it's placed way up on the 5th floor, and obscured by figures, it's useable.]

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