Saturday, April 7, 2012

Continuing on with siting, paving and repairs

I’ve been spending some time thinking about where some of the new buildings I’m working on will reside on the layout { unfortunately, that's what lead to the Oceanview Hotel accident, so some of that thinking has been on hold for a while :-) }. I kind of like the idea shown in the opening photo. A sidewalk will lead from the Oceanview Hotel, past Moe Lass’ Barbecue, down to the shore. Just behind the hotel is the Cedar Heights streetcar stop. I think this arrangement will help begin to join the older development in the industrial area to the newer development in central park and beyond in some sort of quasi-logical manner, and also form a tangible boundary between the two areas. I might add a small streetcar stop at the shore-end of the sidewalk.

I've also gotten back into finishing the track paving in the urban area. I found out recently that Walthers is no longer selling their street track inserts, so to finish off I'll need to make my own with sheet styrene. The area shown above is located just behind the Oceanview Hotel.

I guess the key piece in this scene is the Oceanview Hotel. Over the last few days I've been repairing its parts and putting the structure back together. The photo above shows the base before gluing on the ground floor. A hole was drilled for inserting optical fibres. It's covered by the elevator shaft, which will act as a passageway for the fibres up to the various floors. The ground floor, first floor and elevator shaft were glued in place with epoxy once they were repaired. The other floors were were just stacked up, unglued, until the interior details are added.

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