Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shack #2

A few weeks ago Mike Hamer graciously invited me to visit his Boston & Maine railroad. It's as spectacular as the photos at his blog suggest.

The visit inspired me to try my hand at building a laser-cut structure kit. For a first project I thought I'd try something straightforward, and the Bar Mills Shack Pack [changed from Blair Mills on 30 June - thanks Mike!] I bought at George's Trains in Toronto was just the ticket. Shack #2 in this three shack pack looked like it would fit in the E.L. Moore industrial park - it'll be part of a windmill park sub-scene - so I picked it as the first project.

I won't give a step-by-step summary here since the kit instructions are very comprehensive. Basically, the only modification I made was to dry brush the colour coat with Tamiya Hull Red, and to leave off the side extension since I didn't think it would fit in with the windmill park I have in mind.

It went together very quickly and I'm satisfied with the result. It was a fun little project that I highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy way to try a laser-cut build. It was almost too easy, and at times I felt like I was cheating on my first love, old-school scratchbuilding :-)

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  1. Hi James, So great to see one of the shacks built up. Just a correction. They come from "Bar" Mills, not "Blair" Mills. Your modelling and painting skills are superb!

    Mike Hamer