Monday, April 5, 2010

October 1973

We’ve been reorganizing the house over the last few months and that has meant, among other things, that my model building magazine collection has been relocated. However, I think I’ve spent more time leafing through the old issues than actually moving them :-)

This one - the cover of Model Railroader from October 1973 - really stuck out. There is no text overlaying the cover photo. The image of the FT diesel locomotive (shot by Mr. David N. Chamberlin; model owned by Mr. Robert Kennedy according to the title page) is dramatic and makes a powerful image by itself, uncluttered by text advertising what’s inside.

I don’t know if that cover helped or hindered sales that month, but I don’t think I have another magazine in my 200-odd collection that has foregone superimposed advertising text for a pure image.

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