Sunday, February 14, 2016

Last Thursday's car show

Every Thursday night from Scarborough Day to Labour Day the city holds a car show on the strip. Everybody who has some sort of custom car they'd like to show is invited down to Ocean Blvd. to show it. The show's free to everyone, but the organizers ask for a $5 donation for the children's hospital.
At around 6:30 the cops block off Sinatra and cars start parking on Ocean.The show starts around 7:00 and ends at 9:30. Streetcar service resumes at 10.
I brought my van, but I didn't show up until later so I got a spot near Gecko's.
Last Thursday The Lincoln Club showed up and parked all their identical black convertibles along the south side of Ocean. It's quite a sight with them all them stretching from one end of Ocean to the other.
I'm a big Lincoln fan. It was great to be there and see them all polished and gleaming.
There were a couple of Pacers there too.  I've got mixed feelings about the Pacer. Yeah, it's weird, but I admire its individuality. Conformity sucks.
The Noir was open and doing great business.
There were a few less brick-and-mortar oriented food vendors there too. Ice cream is definitely good on a summer night. There were a couple of sweet Ford woodsides there. Very nice.
There's the other one. That's Ken's Bluesmobile replica in the foreground. He showed up real late and had to be satisfied with a spot in the alley.
There were some rowdies, but the cops cleared them off pretty quickly. Guys like that aren't good for business.
At the other end of Ocean was the new Deora. I guess it's not so new anymore since it came out in the mid-2000s, but it's still looking good. The owner let me stand up on the back deck and take this picture down Ocean.

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