Saturday, May 2, 2015

Persistence of Memory

I’m slowing down a little on E. L. Moore related posts as I prepare to meet with a number of collectors and Mr. Moore’s step-son in the summer. In the meantime I’ve been wandering through old family albums and ephemera. I was rather surprised to see this drawing in the August 1974 issue of CARtoons by Jerry Barnett that I bought in some Scarborough smoke shop many years ago.
[Jerry Barnett's original from the Aug '74 issue of CARtoons. His looks like it's based on a '70s Ford Ranchero, not a Chevy El Camino like I used.]
Around 10 years ago when I got back into model building and model railroading I built this El Camino conversion (I’d do many things on this build differently these days, but I still like it). Imagine my surprise when I saw that old cartoon from ’74. All I can say is that I didn’t consult it before the build started, but I was sure surprised to see it again a few nights ago. I guess things stick deep in the memory and don’t let go.

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