Thursday, October 16, 2014

Midnight Special

I’ve been having a pleasant time reading through old issues of Model Trains and came across this interesting passage in Along the Division that appeared in the December 1956 issue,

Dave Strassman of the Model Trains art staff is a trolley fan - full size. He also likes organ music. Some time ago he mentioned that some of his fellow trolley fans were also organ music fans, and got to wondering if this was just a Milwaukee phenomenon, or if it were the same throughout the country. So he wrote to E. J. Quinby, who is president of the Branford Electric Railway Association as well as honorary president (and founder) of the Electric Railroader’s Association, and asked E.J. if he had noticed any national trend toward devotion to organ music among trolley worshippers.

It seems there is a connection between the two. E.J. sent Dave the following list of people in trolley and organ pastimes:

Well, I wasn’t included in the list that appeared at this point in the article since I wasn’t born yet :-) But if ‘organ pastimes’ include being a Hammond B3 and Jimmy Smith fan, count me in that number. Here is the incredible Jimmy Smith’s Midnight Special,

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