Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A location for Caleb’s Cabbage Co.

I fiddled around on the weekend with the placement of buildings on the LOL to find a location for Caleb’s Cabbage Co. I guess in the end it was a game of “which one of these things just doesn’t belong”, and it turned out to be Jones’ Chemical Co. Jones’ appeared to be the outsider in the organic-veggie-bean-sprout-tie-dye region that is becoming the new-normal in the rural region of the LOL – ignoring of course the presence of the seaside barbecue :-) Luckily, the rail-side portions of both Caleb’s and Bunn’s Feed and Seed line-up quite well with the existing track layout, and the truck-delivery doors of Bunn’s even orient properly with the road put in originally to service Jones’. So things are not looking too bad arrangement-wise. I now need to fix up the surrounding plantings, grassy areas, trees, out-buildings and other details to blend everything in and make it seem like a unified whole.

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