Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Lost Ocean Line is done - more-or-less

[Over the Christmas holidays the layout was rolled into the workshop for some work and showing-off. Blue kraft paper was temporarily hung from the ceiling with masking tape to hide all the workshop junk.]

Two-and-half years later the Lost Ocean Line is more-or-less done. It got started back in June 2011 when I was playing around with some sectional track on the back deck in the evenings after I was done repairing and replacing deck boards.
I couldn't use that track planning technique at the moment. There is a bit of snow out there, and it's a balmy -27C this morning. Any new tracking planning is on hold for a while :-)


  1. Hurrah! I've enjoyed following along.

    1. Thanks Riley. Not too sure which direction I'll take things this year, but although I say it's 'done', like all model railroads, there's still lots of details and infill that can be done.