Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ocean Boulevard gets widened

I decided to abandon the idea of carefully arranging the various buildings on the layout with what seemed like realistic spacing and density. The new idea is to see if I get all the buildings on the layout, and see if I can arrange them into some 'realistic' - or at least weirdly plausible - configurations. The first task was to widen Ocean Boulevard to make some space for buildings.
To get started, I rolled the layout into the workshop. That's Ocean Boulevard before adding the building shelf.
I added three wood braces to the layout frame and then attached a piece of 2 inch pink foam with carpenter's glue.
To bring the level of the new section up to the level of the existing street, some 1/4 inch foam board was glued and screwed to the foam.
The final job was to glue a piece of 0.030 inch sheet styrene to the top. In this picture the size and shape of the styrene is being measured.
Here it is after gluing and trimming. Again, carpenter's glue was used to hold it in place. You can see at this stage a few more styrene pieces are needed to finish things off.
After some basic painting and landscaping I test fit some buildings. One is still hanging off into free space, so some further adjustment is needed :-)


  1. I enjoyed this post. This is just the way I do things myself; it's good to see how you tackle the issues raised. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks with the road surfaces toned in. I love your last shot with the black and white!

    1. I find that taking pictures as I go along helps me to see things I've overlooked during building. The last one with the police car - although I had a few minutes of fun staging and shooting it - also pointed out to me gap in the pavement where I need some more grass or ground cover. But, I did like the picture - glad you did too - as I could image police would park a cruiser at the end of a street like that.