Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mels gets furniture

I spent some time adding the booths and counter to the circular dining room as well as installing its windows.
The booths and counter are cardboard punch-outs. There's 10 booths, but assembly is straightforward.
They are easily removed from the cardboard carrier, but a sharp knife helps free them with clean edges.
Before I started gluing the booths and counter into their final forms, I hunted up all the clips I could find.
The booth backs are glued up first, following the instructions printed on the card. The clips help hold things in place while the glue dries. That completed booth near the upper left of the picture was put together with double-sided tape. Tape doesn't make for tight bonds, so using white glue as recommended on the instructions is the best approach.
Here's what the booths look like after they're all glued together. Like I mentioned, assembly is easy.
And here's the counter. The seats are printed on the sides.
All the dining room windows are printed on a single die-cut sheet. There's a thin protective film on one side that needs to be removed. It was installing the windows that made me agree with the kit's box that it's a level 3 project. They're a little tricky to install, but they all fit snuggly in the frames. Just follow the instructions and resist rushing. 
Here's the furniture and windows after they're installed. It's not high fidelity furniture, it just gives a suggestion to casual viewing that there's something in the building. 

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