Thursday, July 18, 2013

Old Friends

Take elevator to subway level. Walk three blocks east through underground concourse. Ride escalator to street level. Walk to unmarked black door near food court. Push buzzer to right of door. Pull handle designed to be pushed when bell rings while holding badge up to peep-hole. Enter police records department. Stand in line.

And stand. And stand. And stand some more.

Get form. Fill out form. Stand in new line.

And stand. Wonder what Leslie is telling Adams. And stand some more.

Hand form to clerk. Recognize that clerk is none other than old Jack Joad from FORTRAN.

Jack stamps top of form with blue inked stamper.

“Hi Jack! It’s me, Ed.”

Jack puts down blue stamper and picks up red stamper.

“Larry, don’t cha remember me? It’s me, Ed Bryce. We used to work together at FORTRAN.”

Jack stamps bottom of form with red stamper.

“Two hours. Come back in two hours,” was Jack’s reply.

“Jack, look at me.”

Jack looked up. “One hour. Come back in one hour.” 

“Thanks Jack.”

“Any time Ed.”

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  1. Love it! Real atmosphere there in that lean, sinewy writing. Keep 'em coming, I am a fan!