Monday, December 3, 2012

spacing, Noir, and a display stand

I was Christmas shopping on the weekend and saw the above pictured issue of spacing magazine (fall 2012) at a local bookstore. It’s a magazine about urban life, design, architecture, art, and planning in Canadian cities written for – I think – non-specialists who have an interest in those areas. I’ve only purchased just one issue a long time ago as I didn’t think it was aimed at the likes of me. This issue was another story. The cover photo caught my eye as it more or less said to me ‘streetcar noir’ with its blue-tinged, gritty cover photo. I bought it just based on the strength of the cover. I was pleasantly surprised to see it had several items on streetcars in Canada – mainly Toronto - and overall I found it quite interesting. I’ll have to take more note of future issues.

Also on the weekend I started to assemble the temporary stand I’ll use for the layout when it comes upstairs. That’s it in the photo below before I’ve attached the diagonal braces. It’s just an Ikea shelf unit we had left over from a re-arrangement of basement shelving. It’s 4 feet tall, so it’ll provide a rather interesting viewing perspective on layout operations that I haven’t yet seen.

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