Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trackplans, contrast and density

I was talking with a friend about his new trackplan for a large basement-sized layout he’s planning on building. So far it’s shaping up to be quite impressive. It got me thinking about the trackplan for the Lost Ocean Line, and after going back through the blog a bit, I realized it has been a little over a year since I started laying out trackplan ideas on the back deck. I had planned to start work on construction around the end of July, but nothing got going until September. However, by Christmas ’11 trains were running and some basic scenery and buildings were in place.

My current plan – if one can call it that – is to finish off the ground work in the urban area, and the remaining wiring for a couple of switch machines and DC power, by Labour Day. At that point, the basic infrastructure will be in place, and then the plan is to concentrate on detailing the scenes and getting the rolling stock to run smoothly for a Silver Spike ceremony during the Christmas holidays. No doubt there’s lots of waffling and mind changing ahead

I got a bit of a jump on the scene detailing work once I finished adding turf to the rural area: I added my building collection back in. After several re-arrangements and long staring sessions I finally realized the obvious: there were too many buildings! It was just as dense as the urban area. To get a proper contrast between the urban and rural venues I needed to drastically limit the number of rural buildings and activities. So, I installed a display shelf in the study, moved several buildings there, and things started to look a bit saner. The good news is that the rural area still meets my requirement of allowing me to move things around to create different scenes, just that a ‘back stage’ storage area is also needed!

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