Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big block rock

Sometimes when I take pictures for a post, ideas for other pictures come to mind based on those I’ve taken. They don’t all have model railroad content, but they often seem worth exploring to me just to see where they might go – they in turn could lead to something else that is even more interesting; but, maybe not immediately. These days I’m finding that I often think about what sort of photos will result from various modeling projects, and those considerations at times drive what gets built. There’s a back-and-forth between picture ideas and modeling ideas, so I’m thinking that from time to time I’ll try and post some of those derivative photos. This simple one came to mind after taking the final photo in the Moe Lass’ fireplace construction post - this rock has sat patiently on the floor of my study for years! The big rock wasn’t cut to that square, blocky shape – that’s the way I found it. It has an interesting shape, good colour and has a serious heft to it.

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