Monday, September 26, 2011

Foam top added

[I used some interlocking paving stones for applying pressure while the glue was drying. I miscalculated on the number of clamps I needed for clamping down the foam at the perimeter - I could have used half-a-dozen more.]

Over the weekend I glued a sheet of 2-inch thick high density foam to the top of the train board. Last week I finished stiffening the 1/4-inch hardboard substrate with 1x3 pine perimeter pieces in preparation for attaching the foam. Although the hardboard is rather thin, once the perimeter pieces are added, the whole surface loses its flexibility. The glued foam / hardboard structure is very solid and doesn't exhibit any flex. Once the board is ready for track installation I'll post more photos showing more construction details. The board is back in the basement awaiting final trimming of the foam to the hardboard perimeter. From there it's painting and then track installation.

[This view shows some of the perimeter supports on the straight side of the board. They had to be installed at a higher density on the curved edge.]

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