Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scarboro Square Station - Basic structure

I've had the book XS: Big Ideas, Small Buildings by Phyllis Richardson on my shelf for a long time and it's a favourite for browsing. Back in November I latched onto this train station, called 'curving linear', shown on pages 98 to 101 - designed by Shuhei Endo Architect Institute, made from corrugated metal sheets.

I've got a lot of leftover curved panels from the S/R/Sv2 project, and I had recently bought some Campbell HO scale corrugated metal sheets, so I thought I had some parts that I could use to build a structure inspired by curving linear for Scarboro Square.

I decided not to replicate the length and subtle curving of curving linear and go with something more prosaic - it is Ontario after all :) - and fitting with the parts I had on hand. The platform and parking lot are sized to fit the open space in Scarboro Square, and allow for one of my double-decker GO passenger cars to pull into the station. Also, the height of the station is set so that the roof is on the same level as the top of one of those GO passenger cars.

I'm about mid-way through construction and so far itís been a very pleasant build. I need to add detailing and washes to the structure, platform and parking lot to bring it to life.

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