Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jones Chem Co. - Addendum

Ok. I lied a bit in yesterday's post: I did take a few photos during the final construction phase. As I was in the homestretch with this one, there seemed to be stumbling-blocks with every little addition, so finishing up seemed like a trial at times - I was glad when it was done.

Some the roof top simulated metal panels came unbonded and had to be reglued. I poked a little white glue under the raised parts along the eves and held them in place with some clamps.

These are the roof vents. Instead of carving ones from balsa as Mr. Moore specifies in his article, I used some Walthers plastic vents that I extended with styrene to fit the roof. This picture shows them prior to final shaping and painting.

Here's the roof-top shanty. A few months ago I bought one of Tichy Trains Group window and door assortment boxes. That's where I got a set of windows and doors to fit this small structure. I put windows on three sides assuming that whoever was in there would want a view in all directions.

This is the inter-tank walkway structure. Bascially, I added styrene angles to represent steel supports.

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