Wednesday, November 25, 2009

E.L.Moore industrial park?

I thought I'd think a little bit about how Jones' Chemical Company and Bunn's Feed & Seed would be positioned on the train board. After trying a few different configurations, a side-by-side layout along a siding looked the best. I'm going to mount them to a piece of 1/4 inch acrylic cut to fit into the centre section of the layout with its long sides parallel to the siding and to the highway. I thought the acrylic sheet would provide a stable base resistant to changes in temperature and humidity that occur in the basement. Also, I wanted the base to be sturdy enough to be removable so that the display could be used on a future layout, or as a stand-alone diorama. The windmill is a Walthers kit. It's a little weird placing it near these buildings, but I want to do something with the vertical elements in the scene, and I think this will make for an interesting contrast - although, I suspect its location may change before everything is finally placed in the scene.

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