Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art Deco Chapters: Parking Lot & Roof

With the shortened side walls, the base and the roof also need to be shortened in order to pull this building together.
Here's the base with the cuts marked. Shortening is a straightforward task. I used a razor saw to cut out the excess sections. Sand the cut edges to clean them up a bit and glue the remaining pieces back together.

I used some 0.060 and 0.020 inch styrene sheets to extend the base to create a parking lot on the left, and a lane way for deliveries at the back. Once the glue had completely dried from the shortening and parking lot extensions work, I filled in the joints and gaps on the surface with Squadron white putty. You'll notice that there is also some curbing around the edge of the kit's base that needs to ground off. When the putty was completely dry, I used a Dremel with a sanding drum, along with some sanding sticks, to smooth things out. I deliberately didn't make it completely smooth because parking lots and driveways rarely are perfectly flat in Ontario.

Shortening the roof was much simpler: just measure and cut off the excess from the back. A little sanding to clean up the cut, and viola: a perfectly fitting roof.

Both the parking lot and the roof were painted with a loosely brush painted with a mixture of Tamyia Light Grey, Model Master Acryl Aircraft Interior Black and Acryl thinner. It took about three coats to cover the parking lot. The lines marking the parking spots were drawn in with a white Tamyia paint pen. Some cracks in the driveway were added with a fine Sharpie pen. A fixing wash of thin flat black was flowed over the driveway once these markings were added to tone things down a bit.
The rooftop air conditioning unit is from the Walther's roof accessories package and isn't part of the kit. It's painted with Tamyia Flat Aluminum and toned down with a wash of thinned flat black.

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